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Welcome to Naruto Gaiden! This a role-play based off of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto. The very same Naruto based off the, and one of the best-selling manga in the world! This role-play is much like the original Naruto, aside from one key difference. This role-play takes place in a semi-canon timeline. This means that while the original events of Naruto did occur, everything after the end of the series is not canon to this timeline.
Story Synopsis
It is the year 180 A.N. Little more than a century has passed since the death of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. With no one to maintain the peace of the shinobi world, and Konoha now in possession of two dangerous weapons, the world began to fall into dissension. A Kage Summit was held, and it was agreed by all attending parties that the bodies of these godly shinobi should be sealed away forever. Yet, at the same time, all major nations secretly planned to steal parts of the bodies before they could be sealed. This conspiracy was quickly unveiled before the bodies were sealed, immediately resulting in the Fifth Shinobi World War. During this time super-weapons known as Reliquaries were developed. They used the body parts robbed from Naruto and Sasuke to develop these weapons, which held a destructive power higher than any previous weapons used, the Jinchūriki included.
The war lasted longer than any war leading up to that point, for decades the world of shinobi was in a state of constant destruction. It wasn't until 120 A.N that the fighting stopped. Since then, a fickle alliance has formed between the remaining great countries, as the Land of Fire was ravaged by the years of war and strife. The only thing maintaining this peace is the threat of mutually assured destruction.
Our story begins in Amegakure, the Village Hidden by Rain. Despite the turmoil and suffering present in the Land of Cloud's history, Amegakure has known peace for more than 60 years. Generations have come and gone, and today's shinobi don't know what war is like. Even still, there is tension among the remaining shinobi countries. There is no true peace at hand, only a stalemate before one or the other develops new technology to resist the current super-weapons. So the world is caught in an arms race, and the doomsday clock is nearing midnight. What will you do to change the fate of the shinobi world?
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